Launching an Accelerator is a great way to connect, collaborate and attract great startups and ideas to move your company forward. However, running one can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Leverage our 5 years of experience by letting us design and run your Accelerator so that you can focus on what matters most. With our established network and proven methodology, we can help you develop the right program to meet your goals.

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Why This Program?

  • Core Competency:  Running Accelerators is our core competence. Put your startup Accelerator in the hands of experts rather than having to reinvent the wheel within your corporation.
  • Unique Accelerator Experience: We are able to provide our unique, immersive, Silicon Valley living/learning experience to you for your Accelerator, something that could not be replicated without considerable cost and time.
  • Established Relationships: We are able to draw on Silicon Valley’s leading talent and bring them to your program.
  • Inside Track To Emerging Talent: The focused Accelerator will enable you to become deeply familiar with high potential startups and to make well informed decisions as to where to invest. We will be able to guide you as well based on our experience

Silicon Valley, California
Phone: (650) 434-3184

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