Women’s Startup Lab invites you to


Women’s International Showcase of Entrepreneurs

September 19, 2019

Location: Exclusively Online
Global Pitch: 5:30 p.m. 

Join and Cheer as Florida Takes the Global Stage

WiSE24 embodies the vision of Women’s Startup Lab and our Hito Philosophy (Hito means human in Japanese). Hitology, is people leaning on each other to elevate each other’s success. Join the movement and experience history in the making, because together, we are powerful.

We believe it’s time for women to rise and connect globally with opportunities and to impact the world through innovation and startups. This global experience celebrates how far we have come and recognizes how together we can accomplish so much more and create the opportunities & the change we want to see in the world.

Watch Global Pitches Online

All times below are in PDT:

11:30 am Welcome to WiSE24 Introduction of Women’s Startup Lab
12:00 pm Brazil/São Paulo Pitch 
12:30 pm Canada/Montréal Pitch
1:00 pm Featured Silicon Valley Speaker: Bill Reichert “7 Critical Elements for Obtaining Venture Financing”
1:30 pm US/Idaho/Boise Pitch
2:00 pm Canada/Toronto Pitch
2:30pm US/Florida/Blockchain Fintech Pitch
3:00pm US/New York Pitch
BREAK (3:30-5:00pm PST)
5:00 pm Featured: WSLab’s Introduction – Next Wave of Innovation
5:30 pm Featured: WSLab’s Accelerator 17th Batch’s Pitch
6:00 pm Featured WSLab Keynote Speaker: Marci Harris, CEO of POPVOX
“How to Strategize for Your Early Fundraising”
6:30 pm Japan/Tokyo Pitch
7:00 pm Korea/Seoul Pitch
7:30 pm Taiwan/Taipei Pitch

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Hito Philosophy

This is a character, two people leaning on each other, and it means “human” in Japanese.  

We seek innovation and transformation of the world through Hito.  It is a cultural shift, with wisdom of togetherness.

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