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Next Session:  Oct - 17 - 30
*Rain or Shine - we'll continue the program.  It is currently planned as a residential program in Silicon Valley, as always.  But if this pandemic sticks around, then we will find away to still offer this experience that ensures your safety but that also ensures your success is unstoppable.

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You are more than just a woman.

You are a leader, a visionary, a CEO, a changemaker.

Striving is in your DNA.

You are more,
You have to be,
You know the need to work harder, achieve greater.
We do too.

We are more than just an accelerator.

We are your companions on a long journey.

We grew tired of the traditional model
Of startup growth over purpose or people.

Startups begin with you and we put you at the core of what we do.
We know your unique challenges.

You’ve earned what you’ve achieved.

You’ve overcome more
Than so many could fathom.

We know your distinctive strengths, ideas, and resilience,
What makes you the one to lead.

Because there is no excuse but to succeed.
We’ve been there.

Come and create your startup as you see fit,
Challenged by the best in the Valley.

Be the founder who starts the spark
Lighting the way with inner conviction because you know

You are on the right path.
Walk tall,
wise to the champions behind you

And alongside those growing into their purpose.

Feel your strength, fortify it in others.

Breathe in deep with integrity, create the space for unfurling.

Savor the inner unstoppable, enlarge the circle of impact.

Hear from those who believe in you, lend an ear to your peers:

Meet Our Alumnae

GiGi McDowell

GiGi McDowell

Founder & CEO, Fetefully

This experience is crazy...crazy good! It changed me and how I thought about myself and my business.

Shruti Mehrota

Shruti Mehrota

Co-Founder & CEO, Mihuru

The advisors at Women’s Startup Lab are extremely genuine, and I felt speaks to the relationship and the level of care they have for what you are doing.

Karen Katz

Karen Katz

Serial Entrepreneur, Playlist

I got my funding from my Women’s Startup Lab advisors. Some of them even went to my investor pitch with me.


Fran Maier

Fran Maier

Serial Entrepreneur Co-Founder, Trustee Founder & CEO - BabyQuip

WSLab provides the boost, encouragement, and confidence women need.

Dr. Sophia Yen

Dr. Sophia Yen

Founder & CEO, Pandia Health

I went to two other accelerators.  WSLab's accelerator is so valuable because the level of advisors and instructors is so high.  You get tailored, customized advice because of the small group size.


Lona Duncan

Lona Duncan

CEO & Founder Stylelend

I went to a big name accelerator with a cohort of over a hundred. I felt anonymous - just another face in the crowd. This was so unlike my Women’s Startup Lab where the advisors, VCs and big Silicon Valley names, really took the time to get to know us and our startups. Years later, I can still reach out to those advisors.


Alexandra Barton Sweeney

Alexandra Barton Sweeney

Founder & CEO Razzberry

I had the tech. I had the experience. Women’s Startup Lab gave me that missing factor, the belief in me that I needed to succeed.


Karen Bantuveris

Karen Bantuveris

CEO and Founder

Working mom, Girl Scout Leader and PTA Member...and successful founder? Women’s Startup Lab made that feel all possible. I left knowing I would succeed.


Hear What Our Alumnae Are Saying

Why Women’s Startup Lab?

We’ve graduated 16 cohorts over the past 5 years. Their success has proven our unique methodology works:

Hito House

Collaborate and innovate in our Silicon Valley house designed especially for you, the woman entrepreneur.


Be where it all happens! Learn Silicon Valley Know-How, Live & Breathe Silicon Valley culture & interact with local legends.

Championed by Influencers

Our community of Silicon Valley influencers is committed to accelerating your success and invested in changing the world for female founders.

Founder-to-Founder Strong Ties

Create everlasting connections with powerful founders from across the globe.

Access to Silicon Valley Inner Circle

Become a part of our powerful community.

WSLab Track Record


alumnae succeed in raising funds


satisfaction rating by founders


return on investments over 5 years




graduated startups


(and counting)


years of accelerator

Our Portfolio of Graduates Include

Accelerator Facts with title

Our Next Accelerator Begins October 17 - 30, 2020

Our Experience

  • 6 year track record of success
  • 17 batches graduated, 160+ alumnae
  • Rated “Exceeds Expectations” by 90% of our alumnae in a post program anonymous survey.

Program Benefits

  • A 2 week Silicon Valley immersion in residence at Women’s Startup Lab’s exclusive Hito House (our female founder retreat in the heart of Silicon Valley) (room and board included)
  • A monthly mastermind call
  • A 3 day Alumni Reunion
  • The ability to stay at Hito House for up to 14 days throughout the year for post-program funding activities
  • Free services from our partners
  • The opportunity to attend exclusive investor events and workshops
  • The potential for introductions from our team for investor meetings and pitches (based upon your startup’s readiness for funding)

Program Fees

1- $2700 + 3% equity
The $2,700 Explained 

  • Our $2,700 fee will entitle you to: - Housing & other expenses during the accelerator. (Approximately $10,000 value). Often stipends from our sponsors or scholarships are available to offset this fee. Just ask to learn more.
  • Another 14 nights of your choosing at our house for free (approximately $5,600 value)
  • Unlimited ability to use our house for meetings (subject to availability)
  • Unlimited additional ability to stay at the house for about 20% of the Silicon Valley going rate
  • A package of vendor services and goods with a value of over $50,000 including $15,000 of AWS as well as services from GoDaddy, ZenDesk and others

2- The 3% Equity Explained

  • This is a straight common stock grant. We get diluted when you do. Also, as you are early stage, we take risk along side you. This is also our way of asking you to “be Hito,” to pay it forward, when you succeed. When you have a liquidity event and our shares are able to be sold
  • 1/3 of our return will be used for scholarships for future Accelerator attendees
  • 1/3 of our return will be invested in women led and women owned companies (potentially including yours)
  • 1/3 will go to WSLab operating costs
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Meet Your Champions

Tap into our network of industry influencers, advisors and mentors.

Here are just a few of the influencers and investors who committed to your success at Women’s Startup Lab.

Phil Libin

"I enjoy teaching and learning from WSLab’s participants."

Fran Maier

"WSLab provides the boost, encouragement, and confidence women need."

Chris Yeh

"This work is important and something I believe in."

Bill Reichert

"I’ve seen magic happen here over and over again with founders. Amazing!"

Pascal Finette

"50% of the World’s Markets are women, there are incredible untapped opportunities to create companies for women by women."

Maya Bisineer

"We need critical change, and I’m in it with WSLab to make that happen."

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

"It’s time to create a level playing field so women founders can thrive."

Elena Kohl

"WSLab's commitment to it's female founders is unprecedented. and the location, in Silicon Valley offers women access to an incredibly high concentration of people who not only think anything is possible, but are working to make the impossible possible everyday."

Silicon Valley, California
Phone: (650) 434-3184

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