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Silicon Valley Magic
Silicon Valley Magic

know how and network to boost your success

Global Programs
Global Programs

For governments and groups of founders

Power Circle
Power Circle

A highly motivated founders cohort

for governments
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committed to advance women


Introducing Hito:

Where Collaboration Ignites Extraordinary Growth!

Two lines representing two people leaning on one another form Hito. (He-Toh). Hito is the Japanese word for "human."

Through mutual support, authenticity and accountability, true collaboration coalesces into more than was thought possible.

It is our core philosophy, and it our secret sauce.  Hito is a cultural shift, wisdom and togetherness.

Our philosophy, Hitology informs everything we do.  Rooted in Hito, Women's Studies and History, we've designed entrepreneurship programs with intention and purpose especially for women.

Hito is about people like you.  It is about entrepreneurs and business leaders who get that delicate balance.


Unique Elements Designed Especially For You

Isabel Braga


Entrepreneurial Quotient and Mindset

Lona Duncan


Evaluate, Strategize and Prep For Funding

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Immerse│ Residential Program

Silicon Valley Culture, Work With Global Leaders

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Tech Collaboration & Strategy

What People Say

Why Women's Startup Lab

Meet Your Champions

Tap into our network of industry influencers, advisors and mentors.

Here are just a few of the influencers and investors who committed to your success at Women’s Startup Lab.

Phil Libin

"I enjoy teaching and learning from WSLab’s participants."

Fran Maier

"WSLab provides the boost, encouragement, and confidence women need."

Chris Yeh

"This work is important and something I believe in."

Bill Reichert

"I’ve seen magic happen here over and over again with founders. Amazing!"

Pascal Finette

"50% of the World’s Markets are women, there are incredible untapped opportunities to create companies for women by women."

Maya Bisineer

"We need critical change, and I’m in it with WSLab to make that happen."

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

"It’s time to create a level playing field so women founders can thrive."

Elena Kohl

"WSLab's commitment to it's female founders is unprecedented. and the location, in Silicon Valley offers women access to an incredibly high concentration of people who not only think anything is possible, but are working to make the impossible possible everyday."

A Vision & Message from our CEO

"I know society says you should be a certain way, but I think [you should] stop and look at what is your natural way of being who you are."

- Ari Horie, Founder of Women's Startup Lab

Honors & Awards

50 Important People Who Change The World by Nikkei Business
Feb 2019 - Nikkei Business
2015 Honoree, Forty Over 40
Jul 2015 - 40 Women To Watch Over 40
Women of Influence 2015
May 2015 - Silicon Valley Business Journal
20 Women Changing the Ratio
Aug 2014 - Marie Claire Magazine
The CNN 10 Visionary Women

Silicon Valley, California
Phone: (650) 434-3184
Email: Contact@WomenStartupLab.com

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