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Hello, nice to see you.  We know who you are.

No not in that creepy way, ew!  You've found your way here though, and that tells us a lot about you.  You are a strong, curious, determined, thoughtful and innovative agent of change.  

So, who are we?

We are a leading Silicon Valley based startup and leadership accelerator for women entrepreneurs globally who have the bold vision to lead the wave of innovation and change that is required for growth and competitiveness in today’s economy.

We are not alone (and now, neither are you).  

We have delivered our results supported by top influencers in the tech industry in Silicon Valley since 2013.  Our amazing community is one of our key unique factors.  

We have experience, and we are making an impact.  

We have graduated 16 cohorts,have over 150 alumnae, and an active global community of over 20,000 women entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and active supporters.   

Join us.  



Be Hito.  Be You.

In 2018, Women’s Startup Lab formed the HIto Institute to bring to corporations the unique blend of inspiration and innovation that have been inspiring women entrepreneurs for the last six years.  

Whether its a startup company founder or a rising corporate executive, today’s leaders must motivate their teams to work hard in ways that advance the mission of the business.  The drive for innovation is unending.

We offer select programs for male and female corporate leaders designed to enable participants to experience the personal breakthroughs that will enable them to create and communicate their vision and motivate their teams to thrive in fast-paced startup conditions, with limited resources and support while delivering extraordinary results.



Meet Our Leadership Team

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Ari Horie

Founder and CEO

"I started Women's Startup Lab because as a woman and a company founder myself, I knew how tough the road is, and I knew that I could design a program to enable talented women to accelerate their progress.  With the Hito Institute, we're bringing our success developing empowered innovative thinkers to our corporate clients.  I can't imagine anything I would rather be doing than  building a better world for the future!"


Randi Salko

Vice President - Programs

“Through my career in Financial Services and being a startup founder myself, I've really seen the world of work and the world of entrepreneurship up close and personal.  There's so much good, and so much that still is ripe for change.  I believe that change will come from enabling the broadest set of ideas to flourish.  Working at Women’s Startup Lab, I’m no longer just dreaming about a world filled with a diversity of ideas.  I'm making it happen.”


Zak Murase

Biz Dev & Partnership Advisor in Residence

"I’ve had a lot of diverse experience in corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and venture investing.  To me, Women’s Startup Lab represents an opportunity like no other to identify high potential women founded tech startups and to support them throughout their lifecycle.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing our portfolio companies make amazing connections and achieve incredible success!"

Chris Yeh resized

Chris Yeh

General Partner, WSLab Venture Fund

“I'm driven by ideas.  Through Women's Startup Lab and The Hito Institute, we enable the very best ones from all people, male and female, to thrive, and we invest in the most promising ones to continue to build the world where all ideas can succeed..”

Silicon Valley, California
Phone: (650) 434-3184
Email: Contact@WomenStartupLab.com

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