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Tap into our network of industry influencers, advisors and mentors.

Here are a few of the influencers and investors who are committed to your success at Women’s Startup Lab.

Chris Yeh

"This work is important and something I believe in."

Bill Reichert

"I’ve seen magic happen here over and over again with founders. Amazing!"

Maya Bisineer

"We need critical change, and I’m in it with WSLab to make that happen."

Pascal Finette

"50% of the World’s Markets are women, there are incredible untapped opportunities to create companies for women by women."

Phil Libin

"I enjoy teaching and learning from WSLab’s participants."

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

"It’s time to create a level playing field so women founders can thrive."

Joff Redfern

"Working at LinkedIn, I learned connections are EVERYTHING."

Fran Maier

"WSLab provides the boost, encouragement, and confidence women need."
Megan J. Smith

Megan J. Smith

"Tech must become more diverse if it is to address the world's biggest problems"
Jinane Abounadi

Jinane Abounadi

"I am inspired by the talent and energy that female entrepreneurs bring to the problems they’re addressing."

Andie Rhyins

“WLS offers a truly unique solution for female entrepreneurs that I believe results in more measurable success for their companies. The intimate residential setting, coupled with small cohorts of high quality companies and the right mentors creates a dynamic where they can make amazing connections and get the right feedback to grow.”

Elena Kohl

"WSLab's commitment to it's female founders is unprecedented. and the location, in Silicon Valley offers women access to an incredibly high concentration of people who not only think anything is possible, but are working to make the impossible possible everyday."

Josh Krammes

"...Bringing women together in the way in which Ari and the team have done here is really powerful."

Silicon Valley, California
Phone: (650) 434-3184

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