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For men and women who seek to transform their company with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset…This is the best kept secret in Silicon Valley. Meet our Innovative Leadership program. You’ll be among a new generation of leaders who are grounded in exceptional leadership skills from a traditional model of management and will become equipped with new innovative thinking to lead into the rapid unpredictable future…this is the new leadership model.

Welcome to Hito Institute

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“You can spend millions of dollars to have the "best" technology.  You can invest in building the most cutting edge workspace.  And if you don't get the people side right, none of that will matter.  For innovation to work, you have to have an innovative culture.  This program will get you there.”

- Jitendra Kavathekar, Former Head of Accenture Open Innovation & Ventures

People are at the epicenter of all progress.


Your Company May Have...

Technology Innovation
(Created CVC, increased spending on M&A, R&D...)


Environmental Innovation
(Joined coworking facility, built fancy innovation center, office in Silicon Valley...)

But how about...

People Innovation
(Executive program that unlearns, rewires, creates new mindset through action based learning)

Fuel the long-term growth of your company
by innovating your people and giving them the tools to
think differently and problem solve in new ways

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Hito House -

Where Magic Happens!

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Hito House offers an effective residential environment that fosters active collaboration and inspires innovative thinking.  Hito House allows participants to learn Silicon Valley know-how, live and breathe the Silicon Valley culture and accelerate learning by interacting with local entrepreneurs and influencers.

Our Immersive Environment For Next Gen Leaders

Problems & Challenges

Real issues we hear from corporate clients that we help

We spend millions, have a location in Silicon Valley and still we are not innovating.

We are innovating but we lack women in our innovation process. What are we doing wrong?

We are a conservative company and our culture is outdated. Can you help us?

Our leadership team doesn't have an innovative mindset.

Unique Formula

& Results

Immersive & Transformational

Residential program that intensifies the depth of learning.  The participants bring back shared cultures to lead the change.

Personal Yet Empowered by Company Vision

Apply entrepreneurial methods that are aligned with company goals that in turn motivate and drive change making.

Form a Network of Champions

Build life-long relationships. Continuous support & growth beyond the program.

New Thinking, New Approach

Establish leadership style and master innovative thinking to lead the organization in a rapidly changing world.

Our Offerings

Innovative Leadership

4-day executive program in a residential setting in Silicon Valley where personal innovative leadership is developed.

Private Accelerator

Gain direct insight from a group of entrepreneurs or of a specific technology by hosting a focused, private accelerator. Let us design and manage your accelerator so you can focus on your expertise and what matters to you the most.

Immersion Lab

Intrapreneurs and innovation staff join our accelerator.  Bring a project, immerse yourself and drive the project like an entrepreneur.

A Few

of Our Innovation Advisors

Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

Founder & CEO of Fastrack Institute, entrepreneurship and open innovation Chair at Singularity University
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Dr. Barry Katz

Fellow, IDEO, Inc; Professor, Stanford University
Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

Co-founder, Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab
Jitendra K

Jitendra Kavathekar

former Head of Accenture Open Innovation & Ventures


People Say

Here’s what our program participants and our advisors, partners and affiliates are saying about our program:

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Despite all of my degrees and my academic accomplishments, I realize that I was sitting back waiting for others to give me permission to voice my ideas and to bring new product ideas forward.   I didn’t understand how to make my voice heard and to share my passion. The past four days have made me even more excited about the work I do, and very committed to my future with my company. It’s amazing that they gave us this opportunity.  

PhD Research Scientist
Major MultiNational Pharmaceutical
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Through the immersion program, I engaged in a level of self assessment that I never had before.  I’ve been to lots of programs at my company, and they always say they are encouraging you to “dig deep,” but that never really happens in a classroom or a room full of people.   Here though, away from my day to day and immersed in the culture of Hito House, I finally did that deep work. The program provided me a framework to enable me to do it, and with that I experienced a radical shift that I believe will make me an extraordinary innovator and leader.

Country Head
Innovation Division of a major multinational corporation

“I’m not on the revenue side of my company and as a result, I thought that I couldn’t really make a difference in innovation.   This program really opened my eyes to the value of what I do. Our cohort included women from across our company and it allowed me to understand my own importance for the first time.   I feel inspired to go back to my company and make a difference. There are so many processes that I can improve to help bring products to market faster.”

IT Head
Global Fortune 500 corporation
Randi Salko

I spent most of my career in financial services.  My roles included HR Head, Chief of Staff, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Operating Officer for organizations that spanned tens of thousands of people across the world.  I was responsible for designing, delivering and implementing many leadership development programs and attended numerous programs as well. When I was first asked to take the lead for our Corporate Offerings, I said, “Not until I see a program in action.  I won’t endorse what I don’t feel good about.” I spent the first program I observed saying “If only I knew this existed. What a difference I could have made!” This program is a game changer.

Randi Salko
VP - Programs, Women’s Startup Lab & Hito Institute
Christa Quarles

“This is the place to own your own vulnerability, and that will make you the most powerful person in the room”

Christa Quarles
former Open Table CEO

“I’ve seen participants’ confidence levels drastically increase after they’ve gone through this program.  It is actually amazing how effective this is in a short period of time. This is the place to realize that what you thought was impossible is actually possible.

Josh Krammes
Serial startup executive with 4 exits, Angel Investor and VP, Stackpath
bill r

“Ari Horie (Women’s Startup Lab’s Founder and CEO) is focused on helping women and men to create diverse, innovative cultures that foster optimism, innovative thinking and processes.”

Bill Reichert
Venture Capitalist, Founder, Garage Ventures

Silicon Valley, California
Phone: (650) 434-3184

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