Immersion Lab

One of the best ways to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and emerge as an innovator is to immerse yourself in startup culture with a deep dive into our Accelerator. You will truly understand innovation by stepping outside the corporate box and surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs as they embark on their journeys to build companies that create lasting change. We offer the following programs that will provide the eye-opening and transformative experiences needed to recognize and seize opportunities to innovate in your organization.

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Who Should Attend

These offerings are designed for those employees selected for a deep dive into the startup culture. These deep dive offerings are an experience to truly understand innovation from the inside out - Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk, Speak their Language.

Program Format


What Participants Will Learn

  • A first-hand view at innovation through the eyes of a start-up
  • An appreciation for being “up against it” without a corporate safety net and will be immersed in a culture of bold, rapid decision making

Key Areas of Focus

  • Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Effectiveness in leadership
  • Establishing a vision
  • Ideation techniques
  • Motivating teams to achieve results
  • Decision making with limited data
  • Defining value propositions
  • Building a powerful brand

Why This Program?

The Immersion Lab is designed to offer an immersion in innovation and entrepreneurship that can only be offered outside the four walls of the corporation.

The Immersion Lab will leave participants with a unique set of skills that they will be able to use upon their return to your company to stand at the forefront of driving transformative change.


Silicon Valley, California
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