Innovation Programs

Our programs will transform the way you innovate by developing the entrepreneurial mindset of your leaders through our proprietary mindset transformation. Your participants will leave with clarity of vision, heightened focus on what really matters, accelerated decision making and increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Who Should Attend

  • High Potential and Emerging Women Leaders
  • Innovators in Innovation/Venture Functions as well as those responsible for bringing their corporate functions to lines of business
  • Corporate Executives seeking to explore radical innovation with world renowned thought leaders

Program Format

Immersive Learning. 4-Day Intense Residential Programs in Silicon Valley. Live and learn in a unique residential and retreat-like setting uniquely designed to improve effectiveness 10x.

What Participants Will Learn

  • Tools, strategies, and confidence needed to thrive as corporate leaders and drive innovation
  • A better understanding of themselves as leaders including their motivations, roles, and key responsibilities

Key Areas of Focus

  • Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Effectiveness in leadership
  • Establishing a vision
  • Ideation techniques
  • Motivating teams to achieve results
  • Decision making with limited data
  • Defining value propositions
  • Building a powerful brand

Why This Program?

Personal Connection: Living format with our curriculum, positions participants to build discussion that doesn't happen in a typical meeting or conference setting.

Leadership DNA: Live together and collaborate to discover deep core values based on individual passion and desire to lead.

Clarity of Vision: Draw out the core motivation to lead change innovatively in alignment with your corporate mission.

Form A Corporate “Changemaker Hub”: Establish your innovative vision as individual leaders and as a team.

Deepen Commitment: Reestablish partnership and corporate appreciation. Enhance commitment to carry out the corporate mission and lead innovative change.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention: Your participants establish lasting connections to your company and your culture as they build trust and accountability.

Alignment of Corporate And Personal Goals: Align corporate innovation goals and personal growth, career and impact objectives. W


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